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Ripple Effect Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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646f9e108c After a simple act of kindness from an American soldier, a young Afghan boy attempts to unravel a deadly roadside bomb attack.
A young Afghan boy witnesses men burying a roadside bomb outside his village in a remote part of Afghanistan. Before he can tell his parents, the same men brutally kill his mother and wound his father. When an American Special Forces team comes to the village as part of a medical clinic, the boy seeks help from the American medic. The soldier promises to help the boy's father, and his compassion makes a powerful impact on the boy. When American surveillance picks up signs of an ambush, the team abruptly leaves the village in an effort to avoid getting villagers caught in the crossfire. The boy realizes the American convoy is speeding into the path of the roadside bomb. He shortcuts through the village to stop them, cutting them off and placing himself in grave danger. Although their cultures are worlds apart, the boy and the soldier share a moment of human connection, which has the power to change the course of events for both of them.
I saw this film when it received top honors during the Emerging Cinematographers Awards at the Director&#39;s Guild of America. This suspenseful, moving film is exceptionally well-crafted. Strong performances from a diverse cast, realistic production and costume design, authentic dialogue, and many creative effects deliver a rich narrative with an exciting visual impact.<br/><br/>Writer-Director, Velvet Andrews Smith, infuses large-scale action with the human element, accomplishing a powerful and resonating film. Cinematography by Daron Keet propels the film in a visually compelling way. Emmy Award winning editor, Kirk Smith, ties together seamless editing with a keen sense of rhythm and pacing. The pathos of an emotional and haunting original score composed by Sophia Morizet elevates the story. Detailed, layered production design by Kevin Houlihan and costume design by Jacqueline Kahn makes for a dramatically authentic and dynamic film.<br/><br/>This film shows a side of combat seldom recognized or portrayed by the entertainment industry. It is a timely homage to the honored traditions of the U.S. special operations forces and their lifesaving, peacemaking, and nation building commitment.<br/><br/>Yet another fine film under the auspices of the American Film Institute&#39;s Directing Workshop for Women, this project reflects great credit on their renowned history of high-quality productions. This film engages your full attention for every second of its 20 minute run-time.
As a former Green Beret I found the Ripple Effect to be an honest portrayal of a US Army Green Beret team (A-Team) in Afghanistan. The character portrayals were as accurate as they could be and I found the content to be spot on. This film really dealt with the human elements that people do not understand when dealing with war.<br/><br/>A great job by director Velvet Smith and her team. I look forward to seeing more of her work. The actors also did a fantastic job of portraying their characters in a realistic not over dramatic way. This is a very good film for someone to watch that wants to learn one of the current missions of the United States Army Special Forces. Special Forces Soldiers are Soldiers, but they are also teachers, medical specialists, humanitarian aid distributors and helpers to communities that are oppressed by war.

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